Having the chance to experience the Tuscan territory every day, savouring its atmosphere and taking advantage of its unique diversity, is what we at Domus Toscana call The Tuscan Dream.

Tuscany is...

… open, sparsely populated, sunlit countryside, steep hills scattered with olive groves and vineyards, crossed by winding dirt roads lined with cypress trees leading to remote family-run famsteads.

… evocative coastal areas overlooked by unexpectedly rugged mountains, millennial-old castles and abbeys, hot springs and quaint little villages where time seems to have stopped.

… cities of art, medieval and renaissance architecture, bricks, stone, marble, layered history of a region where each and every of its cities has been at war with its neighbour throughout the centuries, thus creating that wealth of cultural and architectural facets that are nowadays to be seen by simply taking a stroll through their streets.

Tuscany is all this together and the Tuscan Dream is having the opportunity of living the territory, daily, savouring its vibes and taking advantage of its unique diversity.

Domus Toscana is the consultancy for those who wish to fully embrace the Tuscan Dream, by building a house in Tuscany that embodies and let them take pleasure in their very own interpretation of the Tuscan Dream.