Refurbishment of a country house with underlying cellar


After years of neglect, the heir to an old farm decides to renovate the oldest part of the estate in honour and memory of his grandfather, who dedicated his entire life to the estate’s care.

The project focuses first of all on enhancing the old wine cellar, located right below the living space of the farmer’s home. That includes joining this space with the adjacent and contemporary wine-making room, by opening a large doorway through their shared masonry wall.

Given the age of the building, all slabs are taken down and rebuilt according to the canons of the best Tuscan tradition.

The new floor slab consists of shallow terracotta vaults supported by metal girders, while the sloping roof is sustained by solid chestnut beams with terracotta tiles on top of them.

The existing stone walls are left exposed on the outside and plastered on the inside.